Czech Spy Video

In this latest video from Czech spy, we have the guys spying on some hot girls at the gym. We have on our hands the nosiest spies, Ales, and Libor and they have a new mission. Both of them are using the glasses with the hidden camera. When they got there they saw two chicks working out in the gym. They didn’t seem older than 20, lucky for them because they got to bang two hot teens.

The guys pretended to be instructors and went over to talk with them. After chatting for a while the guys suggested a more interesting game for all of them. The girls weren’t big ping pong fans but they gave it a try anyway. Ales realized that they don’t have too much experience in the game so he made it a sure thing for them. Each time a team lost a point they had to talk off one clothing item. It didn’t take them too long to get them naked and then to fucked them in the middle of the gym. And they didn’t even notice that Ales was secretly filming them all this time. These poor chicks didn’t have even the slightest idea that they were being recorded this entire time and they are going to become stars. By the things they did in this video they sure have a really nice career ahead of them.