Czech Spy 2

In this Czech update the guys, Ales and Libor, went for a run. The glasses were all ready and another amazing mission was starting. While they were running around the park they noticed lovely Bara. She was studying on the grass and she didn’t have any idea that she just became a movie star. She was lovely but she didn’t seem to willing to fuck so the guys moved on. She figured them out really fast and she wasn’t going to fall for it.

Soon after that, they found athletic Lucka and she was a completely different case. She needed a ride home and since the guys are gentlemen they helped her out. It looked pretty serious because she has fallen in love. Ales fucked her in the car without her knowing that she is being filmed. It was a great day, a nice fuck for Ales and Libor had a good run. The girl was so thankful for the ride that she had to thank him in a very special way. Besides she always wanted to get fucked in a car so this worked out for both of them, and she did a pretty great job doing it too. Have you ever seen something better than this? We doubt it. See you next time with more czechspy updates!

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