CzechSpy 3

These Czechspy glasses are from the future and the best part about them is that girls have no idea. They end up becoming movie stars without even knowing. Ales and Libor are hunting again in the city tonight ready to get wasted and laid. The guys went to a bar and just when they thought they had a sure thing the girl has to leave, so Libor is walking her home.

Ales began hitting on the bartender and trying to get her drunk but she knows her alcohol. Although that didn’t work she found Ales cute so they went into the bathroom where her boss couldn’t see her. He got to fuck her on the bathroom floor and on the sink. The hot bartender didn’t know that he was filming the entire time. That sure was a wild ride. She whipped the cum from her face and hurries back behind the bar. Ales knows his girls and although it didn’t work out the way he wanted, he still got to bang a really hot blonde that night and also got free drinks the entire night. If she knew that she was filmed this entire time we are sure that she wouldn’t be this happy. Anyways Ales did it again and sent us another amazing scene for you guys. Mission accomplished! See them in action in the scene below and don’t forget to return for more updates!

Enjoy this bartender getting fucked in the bathroom!