Czech Spy Video

In this latest video from Czech spy, we have the guys spying on some hot girls at the gym. We have on our hands the nosiest spies, Ales, and Libor and they have a new mission. Both of them are using the glasses with the hidden camera. When they got there they saw two chicks working out in the gym. They didn’t seem older than 20, lucky for them because they got to bang two hot teens.

The guys pretended to be instructors and went over to talk with them. After chatting for a while the guys suggested a more interesting game for all of them. The girls weren’t big ping pong fans but they gave it a try anyway. Ales realized that they don’t have too much experience in the game so he made it a sure thing for them. Each time a team lost a point they had to talk off one clothing item. It didn’t take them too long to get them naked and then to fucked them in the middle of the gym. And they didn’t even notice that Ales was secretly filming them all this time. These poor chicks didn’t have even the slightest idea that they were being recorded this entire time and they are going to become stars. By the things they did in this video they sure have a really nice career ahead of them.

Czech Spy 2

In this Czech update the guys, Ales and Libor, went for a run. The glasses were all ready and another amazing mission was starting. While they were running around the park they noticed lovely Bara. She was studying on the grass and she didn’t have any idea that she just became a movie star. She was lovely but she didn’t seem to willing to fuck so the guys moved on. She figured them out really fast and she wasn’t going to fall for it.

Soon after that, they found athletic Lucka and she was a completely different case. She needed a ride home and since the guys are gentlemen they helped her out. It looked pretty serious because she has fallen in love. Ales fucked her in the car without her knowing that she is being filmed. It was a great day, a nice fuck for Ales and Libor had a good run. The girl was so thankful for the ride that she had to thank him in a very special way. Besides she always wanted to get fucked in a car so this worked out for both of them, and she did a pretty great job doing it too. Have you ever seen something better than this? We doubt it. See you next time with more czechspy updates!

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Czech Teen Amateurs

This was actually the first time the czech spy glasses were ever used. Ales is the lucky guy that got to try them for the very first time. He went to the beach with his friend Libor to pick out some girls and try them out. There were so many girls there but they went with Sandra and Klara, two young babes. Ales stuck to the main plan, getting them drunk and then fucking them.

The perfect plan! The guys bought a lot of booze and then they went for a walk. One kiss from Ales and afterward Sandra’s pussy was being fingered and she was sucking on his dick. This was a crazy Czech foursome and everything happened in public. Ales filmed everything using the glasses and it was an experience to remember. The girls didn’t have even the slightest idea that they are being filmed by the guys. The only thing that they were worried about was that no one saw them. They were in a pretty public place with a lot of people passing by. Of course they were worrying about the wrong thing. This is the best you will ever going to see and the first time ever scene shot using CzechCasting spying glasses. Let the spying era begin. Enjoy it and we’ll see you the next time with more!

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CzechSpy 3

These Czechspy glasses are from the future and the best part about them is that girls have no idea. They end up becoming movie stars without even knowing. Ales and Libor are hunting again in the city tonight ready to get wasted and laid. The guys went to a bar and just when they thought they had a sure thing the girl has to leave, so Libor is walking her home.

Ales began hitting on the bartender and trying to get her drunk but she knows her alcohol. Although that didn’t work she found Ales cute so they went into the bathroom where her boss couldn’t see her. He got to fuck her on the bathroom floor and on the sink. The hot bartender didn’t know that he was filming the entire time. That sure was a wild ride. She whipped the cum from her face and hurries back behind the bar. Ales knows his girls and although it didn’t work out the way he wanted, he still got to bang a really hot blonde that night and also got free drinks the entire night. If she knew that she was filmed this entire time we are sure that she wouldn’t be this happy. Anyways Ales did it again and sent us another amazing scene for you guys. Mission accomplished! See them in action in the scene below and don’t forget to return for more updates!

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Czech Spy 5

This is definitely one of the best POV videos, you will ever see. The Czech spy Ales and his friend Libor are in a brothel with the spy glasses at them. It was a easy target, it was impossible to go home without banging someone. The guys started drinking and drinking, the shots were coming fast as bullets and the guys got more and more crazy with each shoot. They even stole a bottle from the bartender. But now it was time to pick one girl and damn there was so much pussy there. Finally, they took three in their room, a busty MILF, a hot busty blonde and a model. The glasses are filming since the beginning of the night and the girls didn’t notice a thing. Just imagine the three hot sluts all covered up in champagne. It sure was an expensive night, the guys could’ve had a really nice holiday with all that money but it was worth it. They still couldn’t believe their luck. They expected to bang something that night, but not three chicks in the same night and that, things will go so easily for them. Everyone wanted a good time and they got it recorded for you guys too. So here you have it the best POV fuck from a brothel. You gotta see this!

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The Secret Mission

We got our hands on the latest secret mission. The secret agents, Libor and Ales, decided to try their luck in the center of Prague.¬† There are a few girls there trying to find a guy to fuck for cash, but they didn’t have even the slightest idea that they were being recorded. Those glasses can be really confusing because the camera is so small that you can barely see it and most of the people think that they are normal glasses. From all those girls Ales picked the hot brunette and she was free that same night.

So she went to Ales’ place for a glass of wine and as the wine was disappearing things were getting hotter and hotter and it looks like someone is going to get laid. She was amazing, great tits and a wet pussy ready to get stuffed. It didn’t take her too long to begin riding¬† Ales’ cock. And like we said earlier she doesn’t know that Ales was recording everything. He tried telling her about it but she didn’t seem too excited about the idea so he just made sure that he kept the glasses on during the entire thing. She didn’t have any idea and she couldn’t care less that he was wearing glasses during the entire thing. See them in action below!

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Czech Party Girls

The Czech spy is on a missing again. The guys are ready, the wallet is full of cash and all they need is courage. Their big night starts and they are going to find some pussy in a club. All the Czech girls are beautiful where they went. The guys found three hot chicks willing to have a drink with the guys, now all they needed was to take them to their hotel room and fuck them. Bars are usually great places because girls are so relaxed looking for some fun without any strings attached. The guys made sure that the girls are single and them they convinced them to go to their place to get to know one another much better. Well, everyone knew what that meant and the girls got convinced to go to their hotel room.

A waterfall of champagne is a very convincing thing. After some more drinks, they moved all the fun to Ales’ place. Luckily he had a huge booze collection there too. Ales jumps all over the busty beauty in the bathroom and from the looks of it, she’s not shy at all because she grabbed Ales’ cock immediately. It was an amazing fuck with the three hot strangers from the club. The glasses are filming every single thing and none of the girls know it. Enjoy!

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Czech Spy Services

The Czech spy services are back. You already know Ales, our undercover agent, and he’s on a secret mission. He found this one on the social network and fucks her and records everything. A great one night stand! The hot teen has a boyfriend but she loves cheating on him. Alec settled things really quickly with her and banged her quickly too. She was open about her relationship and told Ales about her man and all of the guys she banged without him knowing a thing. He couldn’t care less about her life, he just wanted to bang her and record everything with his glasses so he could show you guys what went down between them.

The hot teen went to his hotel room and there is where everything happened. No talking, no feelings and most importantly no obligations. This wasn’t the first time she cheating on the poor guy that’s for sure. They fucked everywhere and she didn’t have any idea that he was filming all along with his glasses. The video, also found on, is outstanding and you have to take a peep at it to see the sexy amateur in action in this latest update. He did it again and we have this scene to prove it! Enjoy and we’ll be back with more czechspy updates so stay tuned!

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Czech Spy – Broke Amateur

The Czech spy Alec wanted to find out what he can get from the Czech flashing girls for money. After a few chicks flashed their big tits in elevators and in stores for money he found another one that did everything he wanted for a free car ride. He found her on the side of the road trying to catch a ride home, but she had one problem, she didn’t have any money on her to pay. It was pretty hard to find someone to take her home without being able to pay them. But her luck was about to change and she made the best out of it.

The guys didn’t mind at all offering her a free ride to her place. The guy tried both to bang her but she was only interested in Alec so he’s the only one that got to bang her. The guys didn’t even bother to take her to the hotel so Alec ended up shagging her in the car while Libor was driving the car. It was a hell of a ride and Alec had his glasses with the hidden camera on, so you are about to see a lot of close up from their car fuck. See you next time!

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Czech Teen POV

Another slutty teen is fucked and recorded with the czech spy cam. Ales, the Czech hunter, found his new victim in a bar this time. He went for a couple of drinks and hoped that he would find a new chick to bang. He went to the right bar because girls were all over the place and the best part is that they were a bit buzzed so this made his work even easier. He had his glasses with the buttspy cam all the time on his eyes so he caught every second of it. There he found this cute girl with some of her friends enjoying the evening. From what he overheard they were college freshman, so they were all good. It wasn’t too hard to talk with her convince her to go with him upstairs. He took his 18-year-old teen to his hotel room and she was perfect. She looked just like a doll, shy and slender. After a few drinks, Ales was all over here and found out that she’s a champ in sucking dicks. The stunner teen also has an incredibly tight pussy. And this pretty much how the latest czechspy episode finished. You have to check it out and stay tuned for more hot updates!

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